Get Confidence to Achieve the Impossible

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"Hope is a Risk I have to Take"

"Hope is the perfect delusion, that is the source of humankind's greatest strength."

I am offering you MoHOPE to achieve what you often think is impossible.

  • Your discussion with me will make your goals clearer and more achievable 
  • ​Access to the 29 online videos of every letter of the acronyms from the MoHOPE video above. (Eg: V.I.C.T.O.R.Y has 7 videos that starts with V=View or World View)
  • ​Online coaching for 12-weeks (45 min Zoom call once a week) about questions and discussion from each of the 29 very dense 3 min videos. 


Nithin Kasmikandy
Corporate Development, Deloitte Consulting
GMAT 770
Univesity of Michigan
Ross School of Business 2012
(but written in 2010ish)

Abhishek has been a friend and a mentor since a long time. I have known him since 2000 when we were classmates in NITK Surathkal. Something I have always admired about him was that when he set his mind on a goal, he lives and breathes the pursuit of that goal till he achieves it. He is able to channelize this drive into an a very focused structured path to get where he wants to be. In 2006, when I wanted to write the GMAT, I asked a lot of people for advice and got a wide variety of responses. Someone told me that its just a 25 day effort and someone suggested that I needed regular practice for six months. I talked to Abhi about his score and he said he spent 3 months of dedicated effort. Having known him , I knew the three months would have involved very intense work and I asked him to advice me on how to go about it. He gave me very selective material and helped me set up my study schedule. This is a long hard process and can get very tiring sometimes, but constantly kept my motivation to crack the GMAT high. I trusted his plan and followed it to a T and ended up getting the exact same score as him - 770. I am happy that he is trying to help a lot of people in their quest for an MBA and I recommend him as a person who will help you set goals that you think are impossible and give you the motivation, the focus and a structured plan to achieve that.
Shubhankar Goel
Amazon (US Advertising Account Management)
GMAT 510 to 620 (110 point improvement)
Syracuse University, New York 2013
(but written in 2010ish)

After my first gmat, I was completely demoralized and had almost decided against giving the gmat again that year. My plans were getting vague and my MBA dream started looking bleak.  It was during this lean period, that I met Abhishek. Abhishek seemed like a very focused, and passionate professional. After speaking to him, he made me confident again to do well in the gmat the next time.  What followed was rigorous gmat studying with him for 3-4 weeks, where his amazing practice tests and shortcut techniques helped me a great deal. The end result was a 620 in gmat. This score was still short of Abhishek and my expectations, yet an increase of 110 points was phenomenal. With this score, along with my complete profile, I now have got admitted to a top 50 US b school. I would highly recommend any budding MBA candidate to atleast meet Abhishek once. His passion and dedication to his work is infectious enough to work with him.
I wish Abhishek all the very best for his future endeavours.
Brett Furniss
Residential Property Manager &
Real Estate Services 
Charlotte, North Carolina
UNC-Kenan-Flagler MBA 2009
(written in 2020)

I was fortunate enough to meet Abhishek ("Guru") on a 2-week UNC Chapel Hill graduate study trip to study real estate in Dubai and Greece. I found him to be a fun guy, an out-of-the-box thinker, a true unique individual with boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. He brought a lot of flavor and interesting insight to our group and truly helped make our educational excursion a memorable experience. Guru is the man!


I have an Indian passport, I was born in Udupi, which I called my home until my daughter was born in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. My daughter and wife also have Indian passports but I prefer being called desi (more than only but just, dont judge too soon). Bharat Matha ki Jai! "India" is a hangover of the British Empire that got my people drunk on oppression, which often led to deprivation. My gratitude for leaving me with english can only go so far. What I call my roots are from the land between the Himalayas and the ocean, a subcontinent blessed by the Divine Mother connected to many unknowns. My culture (refinement, not baggage) is mostly expressed as American, modern. Crisp enough to clearly tell you, hopefully, what home is to me. 

My daughter, in a few years years, will think she is free. I want to think now about the things she might tell me. And no matter how much I tell myself that she will be true, what she wants to be - experience shows me another reality. 

In this real knowledge, I pay my respects to where I am now with my daughter, Ras Al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates, and how this land will shape how I communicate with you to find yourself in your space and place by offering you confidence. 

I hope to be timely but what I'm offering now is only a short chat with me. 
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